Learn How to Finally Get Started Building the Model Train Layout of Your Dreams with Limited Space, Time and Budget and Without Making Costly Mistakes!

Veteran Model Railroader Finally Reveals All The Tips, Tricks and Secrets Every Model Train Beginner Must Know..!

  • Have you ever desired to build your own model train layout that is incredibly well detailed and super realistic within the space and budget you have available but don’t have a clue on how to actually get started?
  • Are you struggling to choose the correct layout that fits your limited space? But still want a fully functional, realistic and enjoyable layout with all the bells and whistles?
  • Does the possibility of making costly mistakes and wasting precious time prevent you from getting started?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then you are about to discover the only resource on the internet that can make your model train dreams a reality within days!

There’s nothing more frustrating than having limited space and not knowing what type of model train layout to build that you can be supremely proud of.

When looking to get started building a model train layout, most people jump online and spend hours hunting around the web to try and find a solution.

The big problem with this approach is that every persons amount of space, time and budget are different, with their own unique must have layout features that will bring enjoyment to them.

And if you can’t find an article or video that relates to your exact situation and needs, any advice you do find online is just about useless.

Unfortunately there just hasn’t been a quick and easy alternative besides mastering each step of model railroad building or through costly trial and error such as permanently laying down trackwork only to find out it’s causing derailments or the DC power does erratic stop and starts.

The problem with this option is that it’s time-consuming and wastes money if you make mistakes.

That’s why today, I am proud to share the downloadable step-by-step system, Beginners Guide to Model Trains

Hi, my name is James Reynolds and I’ve been developing, testing and perfecting easy to implement methods for model trains for beginners for over 27 years.

In my latest comprehensive, step-by-step e-book and exclusive online membership system, Beginners Guide to Model Trains, I reveal the exact process you need to follow in order to achieve the model train layout of your dreams.

It’s literally the difference between spending countless hours reading average planning material versus “game-changing, model train layout of your dreams” kind of result within the space and budget you have available. And when you apply each step to your model railroad, it takes away the unrealistic look and starts to reveal itself as a highly detailed, realistically done model train layout.

Do You Want to Have That Dream Model Train Layout?

One that you are incredibly proud of and want to show off to your family and friends

Unlike every other model train book, reading material and video, which assumes you are the creative handyman type that carries electrical knowledge, the simple to read beginners guide is made for any beginner to intermediate model railroader without any prior knowledge of how to build a model train layout.

From the outside, model trains can look like a hobby requiring a large skill set including planning the best layout for the space you have available, building the model train table, creating mountains, bridges, tunnels, ponds and waterfalls

It all can seem a bit staggering, expensive and time-consuming but using an approach that methodically walks you through each step and helps show you how to take into account you’re unique circumstances, building a realistic model train layout within the space and time you have available can be a breeze!

With The Right Information You Can Make It Happen Within The Budget, Timeline, And Space YOU Have Available

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all of the information available online and need an easy to follow process that guides you through each step of the

construction process with highly detailed step-by-step tutorials from choosing the scale of your model railroad, track plans and all the way up to building scenery for your layout, you’ve just stumbled across the only resource you’ll ever need to get started.

This is the very best source of specialized model train how-to information. Access is provided in a step by step format with tutorials that you can watch on your mobile phone, computer or print out while building your layout. It will teach you how to build a model train layout that you will be supremely proud of.

Right now you’re probably thinking, what makes this different to any other book. The answer is that it’s tailored for model train beginners that lack handyman skills, electrical knowledge and no idea how to get started.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get access to when you join today:
  • Learn how to reduce feeling of overwhelm during the initial stages of planning and develop a crystal clear picture of what’s really most important to you (If you’ve ever felt like you’re constantly being pulled in a 1000 different directions in terms of ideas, then this section will help to calm the noise and clarify what you really want.)
  • How to avoid analysis paralysis when choosing the perfect scale and gauge that fits the space you’ve got available (If you ever get stuck and just can’t move forward, then this technique will help get you back on track.
  • Why relying on full-size job tools will ruin your layout and where and what essential tools are needed for beginning a model railroad.
  • How to create a winning model railroad plan that works with your limited space and helps you choose the best possible theme and era for your model railroad.
  • The secrets to drafting a foolproof trackplan that packs all the bells and whistles of a fully functional and fun model railroad.
  • How to prevent building benchwork too small or not sturdy enough (If you ever get stuck and can’t reach the middle of your layout with your hands, then this technique will help you fix that problem.)
  • The 3 things model train beginners should never do when building trackwork (Are you making these critical mistakes that are causing derailments or erratic start and stops?)
  • Plus you’ll receive simple step-by-step electrical wiring training to get you up and running with DC and DCC power.
  • The fastest way to pick the best locomotives and rolling stock, no matter what your current level of knowledge is – and why being a beginner actually gives you an unfair advantage.
  • Learn how to choose the best structures before you even start planning on which ones you need (When you know these special techniques, the actual building you choose doesn’t matter.)
  • Discover how to break free from costly mistakes when building realistic scenery by developing a picture perfect idea of what’s most important to make your model railroad look as realistic as possible (If you ever feel like you’re constantly making mistakes and choosing the wrong scenery, then this ultimate model train scenery guide will help you reduce spending, avoiding costly mistakes and hours of frustration.)
  • The simple weathering technique that professional model railroad builders use to develop realistic looking weathering through dry brushing, oil paints, and chalk.
  • A full glossary that defines every aspect of model railroading.
  • And much MUCH more…

Now you might be wondering how much “Beginners Guide to Model Trains” is going to be? And that’s a fair question given that in the past the only way to achieve a realistic looking model railroad, was to spend hundreds of dollars on separate books that covered each topic of model railroading.

However, the reason I created the online and printable version of the Beginners Guide to Model Trains is to make this golden information available to everyone who wants to break free from not knowing how to get started, worrying about making costly mistakes, wasting precious time and being able to build the model train layout of your dreams. For a strictly limited time, and only from this one time offer, you can get INSTANT access to the downloadable “Beginners Guide to Model Trains” ebook for the incredibly low price of just $97   $47.

Now doesn’t that sound fair?

But, there’s more!

To make sure that this is a great investment for you, I’ll throw in 6 bonuses ($299.00 value) at absolutely no charge, but ONLY if you buy today. They are:

 FREE Bonus #1 ($47.00 Value)  Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Model Railroaders Make (Most Common Mistakes Made by Model Railroad Beginners) 

These top 5 mistakes can hamper your ability to grow your model railroad, which can lead to disappointment that eventually stops you from completing the layout. The guide walks you through 5 most common mistakes and exactly how to avoid them. You’ll learn exactly how to avoid these costly mistakes and not have to go through the painful experience of sifting through tens of books or surfing the internet for hours trying to find answers to simple questions.
FREE Bonus #2 ($47.00 Value) Essential Tools for Model Railroaders (Must Have Tools for Model Railroading)

  Most hobbyists have a collection of tools for full-size jobs, but those are not necessarily useful for working on scale models. For scale models, it pays off to have high-quality tools. Cheap tools tend to break or not work very well. The great thing about investing in good quality tools is that they can last you a lifetime and will pay for themselves, in the long run. You’ll get a breakdown of every single tool needed for building the different parts of a model railroad including benchwork, trackwork and design work.
FREE Bonus #3 ($47.00 Value) Step by Step Foolproof Method for Trackwork (Guide to Lay Down Model Railroad Track & Track Laying Tips)

  This guided system walks you through each step of building trackwork with tips and tricks to avoid derailments and erratic stops. It shows exactly what caulking to use or whether to use nails. It also covers all of the rules for laying track work plus the reveals the biggest mistake model railroaders make that is super costly and can ruin your entire layout. This guide is by far one of the most important to ensure your trains run smoothly and without erratic stops or derailments.
FREE Bonus #4 ($47.00 Value) DCC Model Train Guide (DC and DCC Advantages and Disadvantages plus How to Choose DCC Starter Set)

  This informative piece walks you through Direct Current and Digital Command Centers and how to go about choosing the correct one for your layout. The guide also covers exactly why DCC is recommended for certain types of layouts and where it would be a costly mistake. You’ll learn exactly how to avoid these costly mistakes and not have to go through the painful experience of sifting through tens of books or surfing the internet for hours trying to find answers to simple questions.
FREE Bonus #5 ($47.00 Value) A Model Railroading Glossary and Resources

  This glossary and resources report is worth twice the price of the package on its own. Knowing the model railroading language is half the battle won. Model railroading sounds confusing because railroaders talk in railroading language. Understand this language and you will find the confusion just falls away. Our glossary will do this for you. The resources section provides valuable names and addresses for purchasing of parts and other specialized information.
FREE Bonus #6 ($27.00 Value) Track and Layout Plans for Model Train Beginners

  You’ll receive top notch track plans that beginners can use right away, including continuous running loop to loop track plans, figure eights, dog bones and table top track plans for space saving, while still getting total enjoyment. It also contains more advanced track plans with easy to follow photos including a western themed layout plan and wye (triangular junctions) plans. This special guide also contains an easy to follow special tip that will ensure your model trains run smoothly without derailments by walking you step by step through building the correct degree of curvature.
FREE Bonus #7 ($27.00 Value) 30 Days FREE Access To The James Model Trains Membership Club

  This is a paid, member’s only club online at $27/mo. We are giving you 30 days free access to go in and have a look around and decide if you want to remain a member. You can cancel at any time. It also contains never heard before tips, tricks and secrets from 30 years of model railroad building plus experience from model railroad shows on how to design a model railroad regardless of space. It dives into each topic for you to master at your pace, as you see fit. There is an enormous amount of beginner and intermediate step-by-step how-to information, tutorial videos, classic layout plans, etc. in the Exclusive Club. It needs to be seen on the inside to be believed!
You’ll Be Glad to Know that the “Beginners Guide to Model Trains” Comes with My Personal 100% Rock Solid, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our 60 Day 100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee

Let Me Protect Your Investment And Make Your Decision Absolutely Risk Free!

I have no doubt, that when you download your model railroading how to package, you will be very happy with your purchase.

How do I know? Because the information has been created around the feedback of thousands of readers.

So, we know exactly what information you need to build your dream model railroad within the budget, time and space you have available.

Download your copy now, and if you don’t agree that it’s the most comprehensive, detailed and effective book and membership site you’ve viewed on starting the model train of your dreams, just let me know within 60 Days and I will refund you in full No questions asked!

I believe in giving people value for what they paid for. So, if you don’t honestly feel that you could write to me saying how good the information is, I want to refund your money in full.

I’m a stand-up person and I have a reputation to protect. So, if you feel the information is not worth the price you paid, Iíll gladly issue you a refund.

I’m sure you will agree that is a very fair deal?

Don’t You Think You’ve Been Struggling to Get Started on Your Dream Model Railroad for Long Enough?

The missing link you’ve been searching for to finally turn your dreams into a reality is just a few clicks away.

Picture right now the moment you achieve the model train layout of your dreams. The locomotives light is beaming through the tunnel, you can hear the sound of the train as it beeps coming by and climbs the hill onto the bridge and down the mountainside by the lake and you’re surrounded by the love of your friends and family that are all enjoying the show.

That’s what I want for you and I know it’s what you want for yourself, so grab your risk-free copy of Beginners Guide to Model Trains and let’s get you started today!

With our Money Back Guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain!

You’ll get a pdf file which is readable on any computer, PC or Mac. Because the file is saved on your computer, you can read it day or night, whenever you want. It works on any computer!

The price is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on ìBeginners Guide to Model Trains” and the 5 bonuses. You will be able to start using it right away!

Just one idea in the information could save you hundreds of dollars, which makes investing the $97 $47 a no-brainer.

So to grab your copy today, click the “Add to Cart” button. You have nothing to lose and you’re going to be so happy with the model train of your dreams in a very short time!

I understand that I’ll be able to immediately download:

  • The complete Beginners Guide to Model Trains step by step guide (version 2019) – over 60 pages of instruction with color illustrations, photos and videos! ($37.00 value)
  • The “Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Model Railroaders Make (Most Common Mistakes Made by Model Railroad Beginners)” special report ($47.00 value)
  • The “Essential Tools for Model Railroaders (Must Have Tools for Model Railroading)” special report – full size color photos ($47.00 value)
  • The “Step by Step Foolproof Method for Trackwork (Guide to Lay Down Model Railroad Track & Track Laying Tips)” special report ($47.00 value)
  • The “DCC Model Train Guide (DC and DCC Advantages and Disadvantages plus How to Choose DCC Starter Set)” special report ($47.00 value)
  • The “A Model Railroading Glossary and Resources” special report ($47.00 value)

I understand that in addition to the guides and reports above, I also get:

  • FREE updates to all of these guides and reports for Life – I’ll be advised when any of these guides and reports are revised in the future. I can download the newest revision and always be up to date ($unlimited value)
  • 30 Days FREE Access To The “James Model Trains Membership Club” which is a month to month membership. I can have a look around the club and if I cancel within the free 30 days I won’t be charged again. I can cancel easily by using the support link on every page of the club. If I decide to remain a member I can cancel in any month and will not be charged again.
  • A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – If I am not 100% satisfied with the product, I can request a full refund… No questions asked.

I realize that this entire package is worth over $299.00 but I get it for just $97 $47…

As long as I act RIGHT NOW!

I also understand that I get instant digital access… So, I can use the information in the next 5 minutes. I can view the information on my computer, burn it to a CD or print out the pages I need.

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Once your payment is approved, you will be taken to a special page where you will download the “Beginners Guide to Model Trains” step-by-step guide and the 6 bonuses.

You will be downloading and reading the information within just a few minutes… and be well on the way to creating the model railroad of your dreams!

Take Action, And Get Started Now! Not Tomorrow, Start Today!

You are minutes away from being able to have all the information to create the model train layout of your dreams.  Our guide will reveal the secrets to help you on your way.

Grab Your Risk-Free Copy of “Beginners Guide to Model Trains” and Let’s Get You Started Today!

You will be so glad that you can finally build that model train layout of your dreams. Don’t spend weeks trying to “figure it out” let me show you the way!


P.S. You deserve to finally have the model train layout of your dreams… Spending the $97  $47 is an absolute “no-brainer” just to learn about the costly model train mistakes almost every beginner makes and get the answers to every question you have.

PLUS you get the fast action bonuses valued at more than $299.00…

PLUS you get my personal 100% money-back guarantee… It doesn’t get any better than that !!

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$299 Value Today Only $97

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Great suggestions on benchwork and building trackwork, saved me a ton of frustration because it was opposite of what I was thinking .
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Perfect guide to help me wire my layout plus explain the differences between power sources. I relly needed the voltage to be correct on the track because my trains kept stopping and starting, this guide helped me fix the problem.
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The quick notes section within the e-book is worth the investment itself, those quick notes are coming from a truly experienced person who understands the easy pitfalls that are terrible costly.
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