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5 Creative N Scale Shelf Layout Designs

It’s important for beginners to choose the correct track plan layout design. N Scale Shelf Layout designs are ideal for people who have limited space for layout. With these N Scale Shelf Layout designs, you can have a room for more intricate and creative designs.

Depending upon the manufacturer (or country), N scale shelf layout designs can range anywhere from 1:148 to 1:160. It has an average gauge of 9mm or 0.354 inches between each set of tracks. If you want to have your own model, here are creative ways to display them.

Why build an N scale shelf layout?

Shelf layout is often an overlooked subject for modelers. If you want to build your model, it’s essential to choose a shelf layout. This layout can help you build a good model without the hassle of spending too much. You only need minimal space and effort and don’t have to spend heaps to enjoy your hobby. We can also help you decide which layout is best for you. Let’s start!

Here are five creative layout designs to inspire your next N Scale project! This article includes the N Scale Shelf, Small N Scale Shelf, Switching Layout, 5’x9′ Gauge and the 7’x3′ N Scale Shelf Layout.

1. N Scale Shelf Layout Track Plans

n scale track plans

If you enjoy watching trains pass by or love having your own track work at home but don’t have the space for a permanent one; this is where an N Scale track plan design come in!

This entire layout was based on an old article titled Model Railroader’s TRACK PLANNING IDEAS (1981). The author talked about types of objects that can be used as markers in making layouts. The layout was specifically called the Gump Stump and Snowshoe. It is simple and easy to build, but still, it provides plenty of room for creativity and expansion.

2. Small N Scale Shelf Layout

small n scale shelf layout

This small N Scale layout design is an interesting take on the micro designs. It is not only possible but also very affordable for using common household materials.

It’s not just the model train that can be made to look realistic but also all of its surroundings. This layout is a little over 300mm (1ft) long. In this case, we have micro engineering N scale track items like ballast and teased green carpet fibers for rail side undergrowth models mixed with Woodland Scenics materials.

Small Scale Rock Mountainside

small scale rock mountainside

This layout rock mountainside was built from scratch as NSW rolling stock, while others were second-hand kits purchased at bargain prices. The tanks hold the fuel that powers the trains. If you are interested in scenery techniques, this small scale rock mountainside layout might represent your vision of a wilderness setting.

3. N Scale Shelf Switching Layout

shelf switching layout

This layout has some interesting construction methods and materials. This is an excellent option for N scale modelers who want to create a layout with more than just a single track. With this type of layout, you can create a small scene with multiple tracks, adding a lot of interest and realism to your display. The final photo above shows the town buildings and station back in place with an added tunnel portal that was a completed rock wall.

4. 5’x9′ N Gauge Shelf Layout

N gauge shelf layout

This N gauge shelf layout is for DC operations. The N gauge shelf layout measures 5ft (length) x 9” ( width) x 8” (height) + 4 feet fiddle yard. This Fiddle Yard has a half-way dead switch which means that two trains can use the same track. It also includes holes drilled into it for point motors. This makes it easier to customize your layout. Fitted strip light and a single-track Gaugemaster controller are also included.

5. 7’x3′ N Scale Shelf Layout

N Scale Shelf Layout

The layout of this wonderful piece is sure to be a hit with any collector or enthusiast. It features an overall size that’s over 7 feet long with a main station board of 4 feet, a fiddle yard of 3 feet, a width of 9 inches, and a depth of 8 inches. The Terminus Station’s platforms have an isolating segment at the buffer stops that allows two locomotives to operate simultaneously.

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