Atlas HO Scale Track Plans

atlas ho scale track plans

A lot of beginner railway modelers find it confusing to create the precise design of model train layouts. But you don’t have to spend ages sketching and configuring your own track plan. The most straightforward and beginner-favored way of getting started is to use Atlas HO scale track plans.  With Atlas track plans you can … Read more

Marklin C Track Plans

marklin c track plans

The Marklin C track plans were developed specifically for HO scale trains that were produced by Marklin way back in the mid-1930s. This type of trackage is most notable for its “three-rail” system. This is a popular choice of model train beginners choose to start with and we offer three track plans that you can … Read more

HO Track Plans for Small Spaces

ho scale track plans for small spaces

The HO scale is the most popular modeling scale in the world for avid train modeling enthusiasts. Not all hobbyists have the luxury of space to be able to build large-scale train layouts, which is why HO track plans are the best option. This particular scale is large enough so you can marvel at the … Read more

HO Scale Buildings

ho scale buildings

Are you interested in adding HO scale buildings to your model train layout? Adding building scenes are an excellent way to provide a strong level of realism to your layout. There’s several different ways to go about adding HO scale buildings. First off, you can add buildings that suit the time period of your model … Read more

5 Realistic HO Scale Background Buildings

ho scale background buildings

Adding HO scale background buildings are an essential add-on for urban based model railroads. They add realism and make your layouts more beautiful. All model train beginners should keep this in mind, even when thinking about their track plans. This is true even for layouts that are as small as HO scale layouts. Typically built … Read more

3 Realistic HO Scale Coal Mine Buildings

ho scale coal mine buildings

If your HO scale model train layout that contains mountain scenery then HO scale coal mine buildings are a great way to add more realism to your model railroad. There’s several types of scenes that depict coal mining such as coal hauling in trucks from the mountainside. A great way to construct HO scale buildings … Read more

3 Incredible HO Scale Steel Mill Buildings

ho scale steel mill buildings

Are you planning on adding HO scale steel mill buildings to your model railroad? There’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re building a prototype version of a steel mill building scenery to your model train layout. The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that the production of steel requires … Read more

G Scale Train Layout Plans

g scale layout plans

G scale also known as garden scale is the largest model railroad scale available. It’s 1:22.5 and utilizes a 1.75 inch gauge. Due to its size, G scale train layout plans are ideal for outdoor garden railroads and can also be built for indoors as well. Another useful aspect of G scale is the level … Read more

N Scale Track Plans 2×4

n scale layouts 2x4

N scale track plans 2×4 are the best choice for enjoying a model train layout in small spaces. This type of track plan still comes with all of the bells and whistles of larger layouts but in a limited space. Every model railroader knows the satisfaction of seeing a model railroad come to full fruition. … Read more

Top Rated N Scale Track Plans 4×8

4x8 n scale track plans

4×8 N scale track plans are best if you’re planning to grow the layout over time. The main benefit of this track plan size is the flexibility it provides in terms of expanding your layout. If you have the available space, simply adding another 4’x8′ sheet of plywood can double the size of your railroad. … Read more