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3 Realistic HO Scale Coal Mine Buildings

If your HO scale model train layout that contains mountain scenery then HO scale coal mine buildings are a great way to add more realism to your model railroad. There’s several types of scenes that depict coal mining such as coal hauling in trucks from the mountainside.

A great way to construct HO scale buildings is to utilize a practice called kitbashing. This is when you take pieces from different model train building kits and combine them together. With kitbashing, you can get very creative with model train building construction.

The set of images below contain a wide variety of buildings including a gravel kit. Also, a coal mine building with roads cut into the mountains for transportation and an HO scale model train building kit from Walthers.

Coal Mine Building in the Mountains

ho scale coal mine building in the mountains

This particular set of HO scale coal mine buildings are part of a coal hauling model railroad based in a mountainous region of the US. Given that coal mine buildings are not a clean working area, the buildings purposely dirty to provide an added touch of realism.

Full View of Coal Mine Buildings

In this view you can see the entire set of coal mine buildings. First the coal is mined out of the mountain side and pulled by coal mine model trains. It’s then added into the coal mine buildings to be crushed and then transported by the trucks.

Walthers Model Trains Coal Mine Building

Walthers HO scale coal mine buildings dimensions are about 6”x4” in size. It’s perfect for both space saving layout designs and bigger layouts. The coal mine building design is specific to the Steam or Diesel eras and looks typical to coal mines across the United States during that era. 

The coal mine building itself contains two loading tracks to load the steam or diesel model trains. The below ground operations are also visible and include a ladder that sits right up next to the windows and walkways. 

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