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N Scale Cardstock Buildings

N scale modelers are looking for N scale cardstock buildings to provide a realistic backdrop to their layout plans. This type of background scenery is easy to assemble and comes in a wide range of building façade options, such as storefronts, shops, libraries, museums, and more. Pick out the N scale buildings of your choice based on the theme for your model train layouts.

The N scale cardstock buildings are available in full detail and downloadable format. Therefore, you can save time when building your N scale model train layouts and get realistic results.

Small Town Railway Station Cardstock Building

small town n scale cardstock building

If you are building an N scale model train layout with a small town theme, this cardstock building idea is a great option. The small town train station cardstock building is printable to fit your N scale model. It perfectly fits into the rest of the buildings for your N scale layout and adds more realism to the overall layout, especially if you incorporate more than one building to the scenery.

Some of the N scale buildings available in printable models include the railway station building, some shops, a freight depot, and office warehouse.

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Shops and Apartments Cardstock Building

Shops and Apartments Cardstock Building

This idea for a printable N scale cardstock building works perfectly for any N scale model train layouts. It is also a versatile collection of buildings since you can easily incorporate them into any theme for a track plan. Once printed, you can assemble these 3D models for shops and apartments that can be easily cut and folded to recreate the building models in N scale. You can use them on small town train station themes or modern layouts, as well as for any era.

3 Bay Railway Roundhouse Cardstock Building

3 Bay Railway Roundhouse Cardstock Building

If you want to build a 3 bay railway roundhouse, this cardstock building is the perfect addition to your model train layout. It is available in printable N scale size to fit perfectly into your existing track plan in N scale. It is realistic and adds a detailed background to your N scale track plan. You may choose to add other 3D railroad structure to complement this railway roundhouse and make it look more like the real thing.

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