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N Scale Coal Mine Layout

If you are searching the web an N scale coal mine layout, we’ve got it for you. This collection of track plans provides ideas on how to recreate the realistic coal mines of the 1950s-60s. You can incorporate as few or as much details as you can, such as N scale buildings and scenery details. These layout plans will give you a template to work on and build off of your specific design ideas.

Here are three ideas that you can start with when building N scale coal mine layouts.

Helix Shaped Coal Mine Layout

Helix shaped coal mine layout

This helix shaped coal mine layout is built on 2.5 x 8 foot space. The concept behind it predated many of the modern control systems currently available in modern track plans and N gauge train. Therefore, it can deliver multiple power supplies to support up to three trains running simultaneously.

The concept behind the actual railroad is that of a logging and coal distribution facility. It features a forest and stone quarry on the background. The coal mines are located on one end of the track and the other end is the distribution yard. The extended helix design of the N scale coal mine layout features changing elevations, turnouts, high mountain trestles, and a few lighting features.

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Coal Mine Mountain for N Scale Layout

Coal mine mountain for N scale layout

This coal mine mountain is a fantastic addition to an N scale layout for a coal mine railroad to bring realism to your track plans. The layout features just one side of the mountain with the N gauge train resting on an N gauge track. The mountain details are made with cardboard framework that are hot-glued together. The entire N scale layout is set in the 1940s coal mine with dump trucks coming in to load the coals back and forth.

N Gauge Coal Cleaning Plant Layout

N gauge coal cleaning plant layout

This N gauge coal cleaning plant layout is set in and inspired by Fremont, which is a small area between Nebraska and Kansas. This is a very small area known for its coal mining activity. The entire Fremont area is depicted in this N scale coal mine layout – from the N scale buildings to the passenger trains. The coal mine cleaning plant is the distinguishing feature of this N scale layout. It also features two freight yards.

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