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Christmas Tree Train Layouts Plans

Explore and get inspiration from the Christmas tree train layout plans in this handy guide. Whether it’s your first time and you want model trains for beginners, or you are looking for creative track plans that match your holiday decor, we’ve got you covered. Capture the imagination with these meticulously planned track ideas.

Dive into these Christmas tree train layouts that showcase a wide range of track layout plans suitable for all types of model train enthusiasts. The layouts listed here include O gauge, N scale, HO scale and Lionel FasTrack systems and can help provide the inspiration needed to build your own model train layout for the holiday season. Read the detailed overviews of each to learn how to embark on this creative project.

Multi-tiered Track Christmas Tree Train Layout

multi-tiered christmas tree train layout

This Christmas-themed model train layout presents a multi-tiered track encircling a decorated tree. Key features include a functional trolley, a smoke-generating diner, and detailed scenery with Whoville and North Pole replicas. Attention to detail is evident with the inclusion of a static MTH North Pole tower. Trains like the Lionel Rs-3 diesel locomotive add authenticity to the setup, ideal for enthusiasts seeking holiday-inspired model railway designs.

Lionel FasTrack Christmas Tree Train Layout

lionel fastrack christmas tree train layout

This Christmas tree model train setup features a figure-8 track around the Christmas tree that sits on a 4½ x 6-foot elevated platform. The model railroad track is Lionel FasTrack components, including multiple straight sections and 16 O-36 curves. The snow-dusted village and festive locomotives enhance its holiday decor. The layout incorporates detailed miniature buildings with illuminated windows, creating an inviting scene. This layout idea is ideal for model train beginners looking for Christmas layout inspiration, this design efficiently uses space while delivering a captivating holiday display.

O Gauge Christmas Tree Train Layouts

O Gauge Christmas Tree Layout model train encircling a Christmas tree

This O Gauge Christmas Tree Layout is a festive layout perfect for the holidays and encircling your Christmas Tree. The tracks on this layout plan run down the hall to a staging yard. Meanwhile, the creative inspiration for this layout is a festive Christmas village. Then, the train tracks pass through a traditional Christmas village with charming houses, buildings, and vibrant street lights. Thus, it effectively transports you into a wonderful winter village in Europe.

O Gauge Winter Village Christmas Corner Layout

christmas tree train corner layout in a winter village theme

This O gauge Christmas tree train layout features an oval track surrounding a winter-themed village that saves space by snugly fitting into a room corner. It features a twice-around track plan that extends the running length in the compact space and includes a passing siding. Some other key elements include a double-tracked bridge, miniature townhouses, and snowy trees. This layout is perfect for those seeking to save space and still allow for a full-sized Christmas tree as the holiday centerpiece.

N Scale Christmas Tree Layout

The N Scale Christmas Tree Layout in this example goes under the Tree. It depicts a winter scene with show-covered pine trees, snow-capped mountains, and various buildings. In addition, there are plenty of lights to add to the festive feel. The train track runs on a loop, and there’s also a tunnel feature and working cross bucks. Meanwhile, the tracks are positioned at varying levels. Hence, it is exciting to see how the trains navigate those different train tracks. The layout plays Christmas carols and sounds to add to the festive cheer.

HO Scale Christmas Tree Layout

The idea for this HO scale Christmas tree layout started during the COVID-19 lockdown. The creators were originally booked for a holiday getaway to the Black Forest of Germany, wherein they hoped to enjoy a White Christmas (they’re originally from South Africa). While the holiday plans were scrapped, they decided to stay home, worked on the Christmas-inspired track plan, added HO scale buildings, and brought the White Christmas feel to this track instead. It is also designed around the Christmas tree! It is a labor of love and a product of creativity and inspiration!

Creating Christmas tree train layout plans can be a wonderful holiday project for train enthusiasts. You can use these creations from other model trains and track plan enthusiasts to make your own. Setting up the track plan around the Christmas tree is an excellent idea to remind you of the holiday spirit and be transported into the magical realm of the Christmas world filled with tunnels, bridges, and the Christmas scenery and lighting. These track plans are an enchanting addition to your holiday decor, which kids and adults will enjoy!

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