HO Scale Track Plans

When deciding on HO scale track plans for your model train layout there are many different types to consider. First off, if you’re looking to build a layout against a wall then shelf layout plans are probably best.

If you have sufficient space and are looking to add a multitude of accessories including robust model train scenery and HO scale buildings then a 4’x8′ dimension layout is ideal. There’s also compact smaller size layouts if you’re lacking space but still want incredible detail.

Let’s walk through a few different HO scale track plans and gain an understanding of the different dimensions, track types and purpose of the layout to help you decide upon the best choice.

HO Scale Track Plans for Shelf Layouts

shelf layout for ho scale dimension
Track plan by Peter

This HO scale shelf layout plan is crammed into a 11’x15′ room. It has two different levels and contains a total of three tracks. The total amount of track is approximately 42 inches spread across the layout. This allows for two locomotives to run at one time with about a minute interval between the trains.

The inner track runs only on the top level and the outer two tracks run on both up and bottom levels. The outer track is utilizing a gradient that allows for locomotives to access either level of the layout.

Scale: HO Scale (1:87)
Size: Medium
Dimensions: 8 feet x 4 feet; 96 inches x 48 inches; 243.84 centimeters x 121.9 centimeters

4×8 HO Track Plans

standard 4x8 ho scale track plan
Track plan by Frankie Christians

The layout 4’x8′ and is a prototype of model train station based in Denmark. It uses Marklin C-Track on a closed route with single branch track with a reverse loop. The minimum turning radius for the track is 17.2″ and is best for passenger and freight traffic.

This track plan uses DCC power supply and requires electric turnouts. The layout contains a station platform and can hold approximately 6 coach passenger trains. It also requires manual uncoupling of the model trains

Scale:HO Scale (1:87)
Dimensions4 feet x 8 feet; 48 inches x 96 inches; 121.9 centimeters x 243.84 centimeters

HO Track Plans for Small Spaces

ho track plan for small space
Track plan by Rafael Colth

This compact HO scale track plan is ideal for small spaces and utilizes ingenious track design along with several features that you’d find in HO scale model train layouts that require more space. The track design is figure eight design uses two separate ovals that pass through a small station.

The track brand is called Fratesch and the track type is closed out route. It uses a combination of both single and double lines plus branches. The minimum turning radius is 16.5″ and requires a turnout angle of about 20 degrees. This HO scale track plan can be powered by either DC or DCC to power both passenger and freight trains.

Scale:HO Scale (1:87)
Size:Very Small to Small
Dimensions:8 feet x 4 feet; 96 inches x 48 inches; 243.84 centimeters x 121.9 centimeters

Atlas HO Scale Track Plans

atlas ho scale track plan
Track plan by John Buckley

The Atlas HO Scale Track Plan named Shoreline is a large around-the-walls room layout designed for trains to run two loops in different directions. The design features an urban area with leisure zones surrounding several industries and a lift-out bridge section by the entrance door. You can run both passenger and freight trains on the track.

The two loops on the track run in different directions: the train runs the outer loop counter-clockwise while running an inner loop clockwise to work the industries. You can also set up the crossover to ensure a continuous connection between the two loops. This track plan has a turnout angle of 9.5 degrees and needs a DCC power supply.

Scale:HO Scale (1:87)
Dimensions:10.3 feet x 11 feet; 123 inches x 132 inches; 313 centimeters x 335 centimeters

Marklin C-Track Plans HO Scale

marklin c-type trackplan
Track plan by Trygve Trengereid

This Marklin C-Track Plan is a unique project featuring tracks on three levels. The main line goes through a large station on a middle level and through a smaller station on a lower level. You can run both passenger and freight trains and enjoy multiple shunting/switching scenarios.

The track plan uses electric turnouts and uncoupling with turnout angles at 30 degrees, maximum grade at 3.9% and a minimum radius is 360 mm (14.2 inches). The theme of this hilly track is situated in Norway, Europe, which is the main reason why the track features so much greenery. This track is best for those looking for a really compact plan with multiple lines, reverse loops, and several track levels.

Scale:HO Scale (1:87)
Dimensions:9.8 feet x 3.6 feet; 117 inches x 44 inches; 298 centimeters x 111 centimeters
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