4×8 HO Track Plans

Building a model railroad is plenty of fun, especially when constructing a layout using 4×8 HO track plans. Although 4×8 track plans tend to take up more space, this type of track plan provides more enjoyment with large areas to add detail and realism. 

Choosing the right 4×8 HO track plan is very important and luckily 4×8 track plans come in a variety of layout designs that can help spark ideas.  Let’s review a shortlist of top-rated HO scale track plans for 4 x 8 dimensions.

Simple HO 4×8 Track Plan

simple 4x8 ho scale layout
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This 4×8 feet layout features a train station on one side that can run two passenger trains simultaneously. You can also run a locomotive in the yard, which sits in the middle.

The track plan is a closed route with a double mainline. In the back of the layout, there’s space for buildings, mountains, or other landscape features. There’s plenty of room to create a scenic suburban town that’s impressive to look at and fun to operate.

Atlas HO Scale Track Plan 4×8

atlas 4x8 ho scale track plan
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For this track plan, you will need a little more space than the usual 4×8 feet. This layout spans 7.8×10 feet. However, it has a compact design that you can fit in the corner of a small storage room. 

This track plan features a single line with branches in a closed route. Along with that, a reverse loop helps the layout come together. 

You can run plenty of freight trains on this model. It offers many switching options, which make the operation fun. There’s less space for scenery on this model, but you can place buildings and trees along the track.

EZ Track 4×8 HO Layout Plan

ez track 4x8
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This beginner-friendly layout is a great option to get you started with model railroading. Its dimensions are the typical 4×8 feet in the HO scale. 

The layout is set in a modern, industrial area and EZ track for the trackwork. You can customize it with industries, facilities, power lines, towers, trees, etc. It has space for a gas station, a restaurant, or other buildings you want to add as well. 

The track itself is a single line with branches. And the layout is designed to run freight trains in a closed loop. This track plan is easy enough to assemble fast, and you can spend the rest of your time decorating and customizing

Over-Under 4×8 HO Scale Track Plan

4x8 ho track plan including two different views.

If you plan on adding model train scenery such as bridges, mountains, and supports, this is a great train design. The great thing about it is that you can design your track in a number of ways because the space has just increased in size because you have more than one level now.

You can hide portions of your track through tunnels or behind blocks, making it more fun and interesting. Having the right equipment is essential, but this is a design that will keep you entertained for hours. You also find that this gives you much more room for towns and industries allowing trains to go both above and on the ground.

4×8 HO Showcase Oval Layout Design

shows a 4x8 ho scale track plan that includes an engine terminal section.

Maybe you are a person who likes the dual track lines for rotating stations where trains can be redirected onto a different track and cars can be added. The HO Showcase requires a lot of switches and a central station where cars can be rotated. You will love the design once you are done, as it creates a spectacular look and takes a lot of ingenuity to make it look perfect.

Figure Eights Track Plan

figure out shaped ho scale track plan in 4'x8' dimensions

Sometimes, traditional styles of tracks are the best. Everyone loves the figure eights, and this is a unique one that adds some innovation and tricks to it.

This design allows for you to have stopping stations where trains are either parked or are led to places where they could pick up grain or other materials. You will clearly need at least four switches and a T-shaped track, but if you are into a lot of curves, this is a great one to go with. Plus, this also gives lots of room for buildings and other structures to go alongside track. 

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