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Marklin C Track Plans

The Marklin C track plans were developed specifically for HO scale trains that were produced by Marklin way back in the mid-1930s. This type of trackage is most notable for its “three-rail” system. This is a popular choice of model train beginners choose to start with and we offer three track plans that you can choose from.

If you’re a railway enthusiast and you want to create a track specifically for Marklin trains, you have come to the right place. We will give you the inspiration you need to build your own model layout and ideas on how to incorporate HO scale buildings and details to make your track stand out.

Marklin C-Track Plan with Reverse Loop

marklin reverse loop track plan
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This is an HO scale (1:87) layout that is of medium size. It covers an area of 3.54 square meters (or 4.32 square yards). The track plan is a double oval main line that features the train station at the front. At the back is a small yard and it features a couple of reverse loops. These loops intersect at the center.

This Marklin C-track is a closed route with branches and loops. It has a radius of 14.2 inches and a turnout angle of 24.3 degrees. This HO scale track plan is designed for passenger and freight trains, as well as shunting trains.

Scale:HO Scale (1:87)
Dimensions:10 feet x 4 feet; 116 inches x 47 inches; 295 centimeters x 120 centimeters

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L-Shaped Marklin C-Track Plan

l-shaped marklin track plan
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This is another track plan HO layout that is suited for the Marklin trains, although a bit more advanced in design. It’s an L-shaped layout that features two lines and a meeting station. This is a great track for running two trains simultaneously, or if you prefer to run a single train on a loop along two different routes.

This is an HO scale train (1:87) and is of medium size. The total area needed to build this track plan is 4.38 square meters (or 5.23 square yards). It is a closed route type of track with double or mixed line consisting of multiple branches. The maximum grade is 3.9% with a turnout angle of 24.3%. This track layout is made for passenger and freight trains.

Scale:HO Scale (1:87)
Dimensions:8 feet x 6 feet; 98 inches x 69 inches; 250 centimeters x 175 centimeters

Marklin C-Track Plan with Train Station

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Completing this list of Marklin C-Track Plans is this 285×100 K-track plan. It is built on an HO scale (1:87) and is small in size. It covers an area of 2.85 square meters (or 3.41 square yards). It is another closed route track that features double lines and several branches and reverse loops. The minimum radius for this track is 14.2 inches with a turnout angle of 22.5 degrees.

Made for passenger, freight, and shunting trains, this Marklin track plan consists of double main lines in an oval shape. The train station is situated at the front. It has two branches and two reverse loops. The track intersects at the center.

Scale:HO Scale (1:87)
Dimensions:9 feet x 3 feet; 112 inches x 39 inches; 285 centimeters x 100 centimeters
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