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Atlas HO Scale Track Plans

A lot of beginner railway modelers find it confusing to create the precise design of model train layouts. But you don’t have to spend ages sketching and configuring your own track plan.

The most straightforward and beginner-favored way of getting started is to use Atlas HO scale track plans

With Atlas track plans you can create the layout of your dreams with different shape, size and complexity properties. These plans also allow tracks to be built in an intuitive and realistic way with several levels, and different heights and slopes for your layouts. 

In this article, we are going to review and briefly describe three types of HO Scale track plans with corner, mountain and shelf layouts.

Atlas HO Scale Corner Layout Track Plan

atlas corner track plan layout
image source

Atlas HO Scale corner layout design is a medium-sized setup allowing access from nearly every side. With the two oval lines on the track plan you can run two trains simultaneously. Also, there is a small industrial siding along this closed-route track. 

The minimum turning radius for this corner layout is 18″ along with turnout angle of 20 degrees. Yet, this track plan could also be replicated on HO track plans for small spaces. You can run both passenger and freight trains on track.

Scale: HO scale (1:87)
Size: Medium
Dimensions: 7.9 feet x 7.9 feet; 94 inches x 94 inches; 240 centimeters x 240 centimeters

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Atlas HO Scale Mountain Track Plan

atlas mountain track plan
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This mountainous, riverside track plan features a long main line where you can run short passenger and freight trains. The medium-sized layout allows locomotives to pass through several bridges above the river or go through the tunnels located under the mountain. 

If you use computer-based signals, switch automation and DCC you can even run 5 short trains simultaneously. You have two options: to run one or two trains manually and rest automatically, or let them switch between crossover/branch, inner and outer loops following a schedule.

Scale: HO scale (1:87)
Size: Medium
Dimensions: 9 feet x 5 feet; 108 inches x 60 inches; 274 centimeters x 152 centimeters

Atlas HO Scale Track Plan Shelf Layout

atlas ho scale shelf layout track plan
image source

This 6’ long static display layout is one of the most compact shelf layouts out of Atlas HO scale track plans. The track runs a single track with a false tunnel at each end. You can also place a few buildings, trees, and people to your liking and run small passenger trains. 

Since the track plan is static you do not need any power supply for the layout. This single-track plan has a minimum radius of 18” and can fit into any medium-size wall-mounted shelf easily.

Scale: HO scale (1:87)
Size: Micro
Dimensions: 5.8 feet x 0.5 feet; 70 inches x 6 inches; 178 centimeters x 17 centimeters
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